Dan Shaw of AGGRESSIVE PERFECTOR (Manchester, U.K.)

    It has been great working with Luca, he’s a truly decent chap, his mastering was the final part of the process in the making of Satan’s Heavy Metal. His dedication and talent, has helped us in our mission to spread the sepulchral voice of darkness and raise the dead from there graves. Many thanks to Luca and H-SoundMusic.
    Odin approves.


    EARLY VIBES (Genova, Italy.)
    Thanks H-SOUND MASTERING. It 'was a' fantastic experience and at the same time precise and technical. Great Mastering, our song is the TOP

    Mark Campbell 'Tha Storytellers' (Manchester, U.K.)
    Used Luca for a mix recently, great guy, great set up and great sound. If you looking for mixes or masters for your track then get in touch with him on facebook. He is local to manchester and you won't regret it.

    NOISEBOY studios (Salford, U.K.)
    Just heard the mastered version of my latest mix! It's sounding exactly how I hoped it would, if not better!

    LIZZIE JANE artist (Manchester, U.K.)
    Amazing! Love both of the tracks and thank you for doing it so quickly!! and i cant believe how reasonable your prices are. really appreciate all your help!.

    GARETH EVANS artist (Manchester, U.K.)
    H-SOUND mastering did an excellent job on my latest single. I have used various mastering engineers in the past but found H mastering produced one of the best sounds if not the best. I had a couple of revisions which they were happy to process for me in a quick turn around for my single release. I will definatly be using them again on my next project.

    KIRA artist (Manchester, U.K.)
    I'm glad I used Luca's Mastering for my first demo. Now my demo sounds professional and is much better for it.

    NATALIE CAT LEE artist (Amsterdam, Holland)
    You did a great job on improving my sound, thanks a lot!

    Received the 'FINAL' mastered version of 'WHAT IF' - Sounds really good
    Mastering off stems too at a very reasonable price v quality standpoint. Highly recommended

    THE MOODS band (Manchester U.K.)
    Just listened to HOPE after a bit of work by Luca, looking forward to working on the new album with him.. LUCA ia a mood.
    The new mix of this tune is fucking awesome, thanks for that mate.

    DEE, SHINE EYE-band (Manchester U.K.)
    Luca had to really work hard to master a sample track we recorded for our demo. This was recorded by a student and needed work to enable us to use as Promo.
    We have all worked with top industry professionals and Luca really can visualise and bring to reality the kind of sound we asked for.
    Will be very happy to work with him again and would recommend his work and approach to music also he will help you if unsure of anything.

    FINEM VITAE band (Spain)
    We ve been very satisfied with H-Sound's mastering services. It was quick, it was good and it really improved our sound. The original recordings weren't that good, but after the mastering they sounded pretty much as we wanted it to sound. Very good job, highly recommended.

    JAMIES HELIOS artist, (Alicante-SPAIN)
    Un trabajazo el que estas haciendo Luca! Muy bueno!

    Our first mastering with H-Sound Mastering, sounds great, clear and powerful...amazIng job!!!rock on!!!

    Stephen De Sarasola Purple Heart Parade live and studio mix engineer (U.K.)
    For purple heart parade's debut single "painting Pictures" i wanted to try having another mastering engineer tackle it, as i have normally master tracks myself.We got in touch with luca as i was interested in having it done through analogue hardware instead of digitally,I explained the sound we were going for and luca got to work,He embraced the mixes and treated them with care,the mixes were 95% there,he kept all the dymanics of the original mixes which pleased me and the band so much ,there was no need for any revisions.Great work indeed!!